Brand Longevity Lab


Brownstein developed The Brand Longevity Index™ as a groundbreaking benchmark for evaluating brands based on their potential for establishing lasting success in the marketplace. It is based on a research study of 3,000+ customers, 400+ marketing experts, and 100+ of the world’s top brands, and is designed to help marketers with decision-making by identifying threats and opportunities to thrive and accelerate through change.

In order to receive an evaluation from Brownstein’s Brand Longevity Lab, think about your brand and decide how much each of the statements below describes it using a scale of 1-7 stars, where 1 star stands for “Does not describe the brand at all”, 4 stars stand for “Describes the brand somewhat”, and 7 stars stand for “Describes the brand very well”. In order to receive an accurate result, don’t think about what the brand aspires to be, but about where it stands now.